Five things we like about Accurascale's Class 92

13 December 2022
A sample from the production run of the manufacturer's all-new electric-outline Co-Co has arrived – here are our initial thoughts...

Accurascale's Class 92 Co-Co electric for OO gauge/4mm:1ft scale is provided in a stylishly-designed box. This sets the initial impression of quality which follow through to the model. Here are 5 things we like about the new model:


A bi-lingual Operator Guide giving notes on the class history, operating instructions, a handy DCC function guide card and a small card with window blinds for the user to fit if desired.

Accurascale Class 92 OO gauge model

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The shape and style of the real locomotive is totally captured from the extremes of flat, relatively plain, bodysides through to fine detail with many individually-fitted parts on the chassis and roof.

Accurascale Class 92 OO gauge model


Through close examination of photos of the class, there are no faults to find but you soon get sucked into admiring the detail on the roof and the very fine, but sufficiently robust, pantographs.

Accurascale Class 92 OO gauge model


The livery and numerous markings are to a standard equal of the best in the scale especially the roof and bogie detail.

Accurascale Class 92 OO gauge model


The glazing is quite superb and fine enough to see that there’s a lot of paint and transfer detail on the cab backhead which can easily be seen with cab and driver’s control panel lighting. Etched nameplates, cabside arrows and depot plaque are provided with the accessory pack to place over the printed versions.

Read Andy York's review of this model in the February 2023 issue of BRM, on-sale from December 29 in stores, or pick-up a copy here from December 23.


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