Accurascale 'Manor' (OO)

24 August 2023
The manufacturer's first entry to the model steam locomotive marketplace undergoes scrutiny. Is it any good?

There's been much anticipation to see how Accurascale's first steam-outline model looks. Now that models have 'landed', here's what we think about these new locomotives.


Accurascale Manor 4-6-0

With excellent running characteristics from the box, attention to detail has been thought through, the model lacking very little – if anything at all! The smokebox has a matt finish, in contrast to the satin sheen across the GWR green of the locomotive.

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Accurascale Manor 4-6-0

Backhead detail has never looked so good! Water gauge sight glasses have a striped appearance, while boiler, locomotive brake and train brake pressure gauges are picked out, too. Behind the firebox door lurks an LED which shines through prisms to give a realistic effect.


Accurascale Manor 4-6-0

One for the rivet counters! These raised areas might appear a little large on the bufferbeam, but compare these to those on the prototypes, and their size doesn't look so large. The size of the coupling hook hanger makes it easier to pose on the model. 


Accurascale Manor 4-6-0

Sharp cab corners capture the look of riveted steel plate well, while the trapezoidal firebox and complex boiler shape looks the part, both finished with well with scale banding.



Accurascale Manor 4-6-0

"Fill 'er up!" Small details make for great cameos. A hinged tender filler lid begs to be surrounded by model crew, posing with a water crane filler hose.

Initial impressions pf this OO gauge model are great. Read more of what we think in the October 2023 issue of BRM, available with a World of Railways Plus subscription (and a whole lot more!) from September 1, or wait for printed copies in stores from September 7.

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