7 reasons to buy the new Cavalex Class 56

04 April 2024
Cavalex’s first locomotive has arrived and received much acclaim from modellers on release, and rightly so. Here are 7 reasons why we think you should buy the new Cavalex Class 56.

1. Livery application

The shade of blue is a good match with other manufacturers and the markings are all accurate and well-defined, even down to the upside-down digit 8 of the TOPS number, as applied during commissioning at Doncaster.

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2. Catering for all

The model has been designed with the finescale modeller in mind, with EM and P4 wheelsets produced as additional parts.

3. Glazing details

The nuances of the shape of the cab front and roof look great, while the flush glazing has the rubber surround very neatly picked out.

4. Frontal detail

The ribbed light lenses are a stand-out feature alongside the bufferbeam pipes.

5. Great guidance

The excellent illustrated instruction booklet is worth a read before testing, with guidance on detail fitting (parts that do fit exceptionally well), internal access and DIP switch configuration for DC and DCC modes included.

6. On top

The roof fan grilles are correctly raised above the level of the roof over the working fans, picked out in red.

6. Quality runner

Performance from the box was superb without any hint of wobble; current collection is from all wheels but the centre axle of each bogie is not driven – a decision to improve running qualities.

The new Cavalex Class 56 is featured in BRM April, available in shops now, or can be ordered directly from us and delivered straight to your door with free delivery.