5 things we like about the new Ellis Clark Black 5

04 April 2024
Once in a while, an item comes in for review that takes your breath away; Ellis Clark has done just that with its first steam locomotive for O gauge. Here are five reasons why we think it should be high up your list of locomotives to buy.

1. So much choice

You can have the Black Five in any colour you like, as long as it’s black. LMS or BR lined, early emblem or late crest, or even completely black as a blank canvas for you. There is also a choice of tender types, plus DCC Sound, unnumbered and special editions.

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2. Incredible decoration

The straw and red lining is immaculate and the brightwork really does look like the original.

3. Wheel Profiles

The motion looks superb, while the wheel and tyre profiles are perfectly captured with accurate wheel bosses and rod joints.

4. Amazing interior details

The footplate crew is well catered for with a well-detailed interior, the accuracy of which extends down to frame level.

5. Excellent performance

Powered by a large Maxon motor driven through a British-made ABC helical gearbox, the Black Five means business! On a rolling road test, the model was supremely smooth and stable throughout the range straight from the box.

The new Ellis Clark Black Five is featured in BRM April, available in shops now, or can be ordered directly from us and delivered straight to your door with free delivery.