5 reasons we love the new Graham Farish LMS Twins

11 April 2024
Bristling with detail for such a small model, the first of the LMS twins is shown here in early, but not original, condition. Here are five reasons we think you should buy one.

Available in N gauge for the first time, Graham Farish has catered for the widest era spread possible with the tooling, although there are two distinct bodies for each of the twins. Our review model is No.10000 in the original black and silver livery with LMS bodyside lettering; it’s not quite as originally built as an oval bodyside boiler plate was removed early on, around the same time that the bogies were strengthened with vertical fillets evident between each axle.

1. Complex shape expertly captured

Among the stand-out features is the rounded nose of the locomotive, which is perfectly captured.

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2. Fantastic decoration

The silver colour for the chromed bodyside band, lettering and roof is a fine-particle metallic, giving a lustrous finish. The silver numbers can be seen to be printed on the flat surface.

3. Easy access

Body removal is simple, with no screws to access the Next18 socket, the pre-fitted speaker can be seen to the rear of the cab.

4. Interior lighting

Nicely toned directional lighting works on DC and this can be configured for express passenger of freight  orking patterns via the DIP switches on the internal circuit board, but DCC brings the opportunity to control the cab lighting, too.

5. Plenty of power

The coreless, twin shaft motor with two flywheels providing drive to both bogies gives plenty of power, capably and smoothly handling a load of 10 Mk.1 coaches.

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