Vintage Motorcar MOGO Delivery Vans in O

15 March 2024
Dapol has revealed plans to produce O gauge vintage motorcar delivery vans.

Four liveries have been announced, and customers can choose between a pristine finish and a weathered finish.


  • Accurately moulded body & chassis                     
  • Self-compensating chassis for smooth trouble free running 
  • Metal sprung buffers 
  • Three-link metal coupling chain and sprung coupling hook 
  • Finely profiled wheels and axles with brass bearing pockets 
  • Fine application of livery  

Available liveries

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  • 7F-068-003 Great Western MOGO ALVIS 126342 
  • 7F-068-004 Great Western MOGO ALVIS 126342 Weathered 
  • 7F-068-005 Great Western MOGO AUSTIN 126342 
  • 7F-068-006 Great Western MOGO AUSTIN 126342 Weathered 
  • 7F-068-007 Great Western MOGO MORRIS 126336 
  • 7F-068-008 Great Western MOGO MORRIS 126336 Weathered 
  • 7F-068-009 Great Western MOGO RILEY 126336 
  • 7F-068-010 Great Western MOGO RILEY 126336 Weathered

Available to pre-order now, with deliveries expected in April, prices are set at £59.95 each or £61.95 weathered.

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