Video: Hornby W1 final running sample

12 November 2021
Ahead of the hotly-anticipated new locomotive arrival, Simon Kohler of Hornby shares why this prototype was chosen.

Hornby's LNER Gresley 4-6-4 W1 'Hush Hush' is a step closer to arriving with customers, as a final running sample was demonstrated by the manufacturer during a recent visit to its Margate headquarters. Expected to arrive ahead of Christmas, the models will depict Gresley's experimental locomotive reproduced in 4mm:1ft scale to the latest RTR standards for the first time using injection-moulded plastic.

Howard Smith visited Hornby, where Simon Kohler, Marketing and Development Director explained the reasons for choosing the locomotive and what the manufacturer looks for when selecting a prototype to model in the below video:

Models of the locomotive are being produced in the following liveries:

W1 hush hush Hornby

R3840, in the locomotive’s prototypical livery.

W1 hush hush Hornby

R3841, in the locomotive’s prototypical livery, with the cast ‘British Enterprise’ nameplates that were never applied to the locomotive.

W1 hush hush Hornby

R3842, featuring the W1 in LNER ‘Apple Green’ which the W1 never carried.


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R3843, the prototypical livery carried by 10000 following the rebuild to an A4 streamlined styling.

W1 hush hush Hornby

R3844, the prototypical livery carried by the W1, numbered as 60700 under British Railways, with cut-back valances.

Further additions will see the locomotive produced in 1935 guise with a double blast pipe (R3979), streamlined in silver (R3978) and streamlined in green as 60700 (R3980), with deliveries of this trio late-2022.

Read about the development of this model here.

For more details, including current pricing and availability, visit the Hornby website, or see your local Hornby stockist.


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Before starting i am a big supporter of Hornby,with an excess of over 150 locos,a lot bought through nostalgia,plus accurate well made models,but i wish Hornby would look to the more bread and butter types instead of these one offs, or small class designs,what about the long lasting B16 they have the tender already,so many 0-6-0s missing,especially the scots ones,i see what they are looking at ,the collecter market. i have most of the A1,A3s produced and most are very correct,for the time they represent,i am not sure the new ones with cast footplate,flickering fire,will be an improvement,i am more interested in correct boiler, correct fittings,correct tender,and build quality,sadly lacking in the recent A2/2s,i bought two and no more,not in the same league has the Gresley collection to mention one.Maybe i am wrong but consulting the people who buy these models might be a idea,THE W1 looks great but a one off oddball,give me half a dozen different number B16s i would buy them all!

Posted by Eric Holmes on Tue 16 Nov 23:37:22