TMC to retail early versions of Derby/Sulzer ‘Peak’

21 February 2020
The model retailer has commissioned Heljan to produce an exclusive OO gauge model of the first five production Class 45 'Peak’ locomotives, D11 - D15.

TMC has commissioned Heljan to produce an exclusive OO gauge model of the first five production Class 45 'Peak’ locomotives, D11 - D15, which had detail differences to the remainder of the class. The models are being produced alongside the first production run by Heljan and are expected to be available towards the end of 2020 at the same RRP as the general release models.

These five locomotives featured a different nose end arrangement with centre nose end doors and split headcode boxes on either side. The arrangement lasted from 1960 until the late-1960s when the ends were gradually rebuilt at Derby Works. The quintet also had longer cab door handrails, in common with the ten Pilot Scheme Class 44s (D1-D10). On delivery they were allocated to Derby, but most were soon transferred to Leeds Holbeck, Leeds Neville Hill or Sheffield Darnall before returning to Derby. They spent a few years at Derby and in the Nottingham District before returning to Holbeck and could be seen on express workings from London St Pancras and on cross-country services from Newcastle to Bristol, as well as on goods and parcels workings - a true mixed traffic design.

Delivered in BR Green with a white lower bodyside stripe, they soon gained small yellow warning panels. At least one received an 'economy green' repaint with small yellow panel and at least one survived long enough in its as-built condition to receive BR Rail Blue with full yellow ends. As the 1960s drew to a close their front ends were rebuilt to remove the gangway doors and replace the split headcode boxes with a centrally placed headcode panel.

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Standard features will include authentic LED lighting with separately switched cab light, tail light and headcode functions (DCC only), a 21-pin DCC decoder interface, provision for DCC sound, a pack of optional detailing parts and fine detailing throughout.

TMC’s models are to cover the entire history of this distinctive Class 45 design:
D13 BR Green with side stripe (ref. 45090)
D11 BR Green with side stripe and small yellow warning panels (ref. 45091)
D12 in 'Economy Green' with small yellow warning panels (ref. 45092)
D15 BR Blue with full yellow ends (ref. 45093)
TMC has stated it will provide a range of weathering options for these models, with DCC and DCC sound options.

Further details can be found on its website


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