TMC shares custom graffiti work

21 January 2022
The Model Centre highlights its latest re-worked RTR models, now with added graffiti effects.

The Model Centre has shared images of customised RTR wagons, enhanced in-house by its weathering artists. New effects for its 2022 offerings is customised graffiti, available off-the-shelf applied to EFE Rail rolling stock, or applied to existing or new models, to customer specifications.

Images of EFE Rail rolling stock in its range reveal a multitude of effects, representing larger artworks, as well as smaller 'tags'. Describing how these effects are implemented, TMC's Alex Yates said, "Following an initial weathering of models, our weathering artists apply the graffiti effects, before weathering them again after."

TMC graffiti wagon EFE Rail

The new graffiti effects, seen applied to an EFE Rail OO gauge Carowaggon (279-7-664-9) with remnants of Taunton Cider livery beneath.

TMC plans to carry pre-graffitied stock, allowing customers to receive delivery of models with short lead times. Options for customer-supplied wagons have been added to its website.

Its graffitied wagons are unique, though TMC has highlighted that some of its themes and patterns are occasionally re-used in different ways across wagons, unless customer-specified. Its 'help for heroes' soldiers silhouette carrying a stretcher and poppies has appeared across a few wagons, each with a variation on the design. A £22 donation to 'help for heroes' charity is made each time their branding is used.

TMC graffiti wagon EFE Rail

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TMC is keeping its scaled-down graffiti techniques a closely-guarded secret, but has confirmed that these are completed by hand, without transfers. Alex Yates added, "We’re able to create any design the customer may want, whether that is fictional and described to us, or from a photograph to copy. Our staff have some serious skill, which is why we’re the original weathering service and the best in the business! What they're demonstrating with this graffiti is that there's no end to their talents. We can literally recreate anything onto models!"

TMC graffiti wagon EFE Rail

For further details, current pricing and availability of the above models, including details on custom graffiti effects, visit the TMC website.


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