Severn Models release working 4mm scale point levers

26 August 2020
Following on from the new functional ground lever kit for 7mm modellers earlier this summer, a number of requests arrived for something similar in 4mm. Severn Models wondered if it was possible to make a working point lever that small. There was just one way to find out!
The result is perhaps the smallest functional point lever available.
While operating the lever to move a point is certainly possible, another alternative might be to link up the crank to points operated by another method such as servos. That way the lever would move when the points are changed, with less wear and tear on the pivots.
Each brass etch kit makes two ground point levers, suitable for 4mm/OO layouts and each lever includes a crank and clevises, so they can be made functional if you wish.
The levers are supplied as a flat packed brass kit, along with sufficient brass wire to make the pivot pins and rods. The modeller just has to assemble and paint each one.
 D21 Ground Levers - £5 per kit.
For more details, visit the Severn Models website.
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Does assembly require any soldering ? Also, how much is the postage please ?

Posted by James Gibbs on Sun 11 Apr 11:46:45