Scenic diesel bogies from West Hill Wagon Works

26 July 2022
Perfect for adding interest to a depot scene, these 3D printed models are loaded with detail.

If you are building a model diesel depot, you'll need some bogies that have been removed from their locomotive awaiting attention. Simply removing them from a RTR model isn't an option, because they won't have any of the detail that can be seen on a real bogie between the frames.

These new 3D printed models from West Hill Wagon works solve that problem. Each is the result of at least 50 hours of CAD work and include the traction motors, wheels, bearings and all the other detail seen on the prototype.

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Printed in resin, they simply need their printing supports removed, and then painting. Spraying is recommended to ensure the paint gets into all the nooks and crannies, but then the modeller will need to pick out all the wires and springs by hand, especially if modelling a new, or recently refurbished, bogie. Note, these are static models, the wheels to not turn.

At present, bogies for classes 47 and 52 are available, with others to follow. Bogies are available in 4 and 7mm scales.



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