Ruby decoders arrive in stock with Gaugemaster

08 February 2021
Its range of non-sound DCC decoders become available to purchase in six-pin and standard eight-pin variants.

Gaugemaster's new two-function decoders are now in stock. Manufactured to its own specifications and retailed via its online store and network of stockists, the new range is easily recognisable from its distinctive orange and black packaging.

The retailer's 'in-house' range of 'Ruby' decoders is aimed primarily at N and OO gauge modellers, and consists of six variants, with an optional PowerPal (DCC99) capacitor to assist with smooth running over dirty track, if required. Its Powerpal is compatible only with its Standard and Pro Decoders in 8-pin and 21-pin formats.

Its full range can be viewed from in the table, below, with specifications:

Gaugemaster ruby decoder

Gaugemaster ruby decoder

Measuring 10 x 11 x 3mm, Gaugemaster's (DCC93) six-pin decoder is the smallest in the range of Ruby decoders, and provides two function outputs, with a current rating of 1.0/1.5A.

DCC90 ruby gaugemaster decoder

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Gaugemaster's (DCC90) standard eight-pin decoder measures 17 x 28 x 7mm and offers two functions, with a 1.5/2.0A current rating.

Gaugemaster ruby decoder

Comprehensive instructions, including wiring diagrams are provided with each decoder.

For more details on Gaugemaster's new decoder range, including current pricing and availability, visit its website.

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