Revolution Trains: 'tankers' and 'boxes' to return

09 May 2023
Said to be back by public demand, manufacturer prepares for second run of MMA/JNA and TEA rolling stock for 'OO'.

Revolution Trains is to produce a second run of its award-winning MMA/JNA box wagons and TEA tankers in OO gauge, 1:76.2 scale.

Both can be pre-ordered from Revolution now, or will be available from selected retailers in due course.

The tankers are as previously tooled in the most popular original liveries and some new ones. The box wagons are in the most popular original liveries, but with some new tooling undertaken to enable Revolution to offer the latest Network Rail and stone traffic versions that have entered service since the original models were produced.

The manufacturer's Ben Ando said, "We are aware of cost-of-living pressures and have worked very hard to keep prices down – the tankers have the same MSRP as they did 5 years ago. Please note the images are illustrative and not to scale."

TEA tank wagons

The TEA tank wagons were Revolution’s first OO gauge model release in 2018. Its new models are promising to feature different running numbers to those in the original production. It is also planned to offer them singly rather than in multi-packs, to give its customers flexibility, following feedback. Revolution has kept the MSRP at £48.95 per wagon.

TEA tank wagon

The models feature NEM couplers and detail variations such as ladders with or without anti-climb guards, single or bifurcated discharge chutes, two types of brake equipment and prototypical variations in manlid arrangements.

TEA tank wagon

Since the first run of these models in 2018, there have been changes in the fuel transport market; the Greenergy tanks previously offered have now been debranded and are used mixed with the main fleets, largely on the Puma trains from Milford Haven to the west of England and the midlands.

TEA tank wagon

Similarly, the Freightliner-liveried tanks were taken on by VTG, branded with its logo, and are now mixed with the blue and grey wagons in use primarily on trains between Humberside and the midlands. The TEAs are expected to ship in Q3/4.

TEA tank wagon

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Versions offered are as follows:

  • EWS 870203, 870247, 870282, 870309
  • VTG (includes grey, green, enviro blue and red) 88117, 88130, 88134, 88140 88144, 88156 8370 7792 042-4 8370 7792 49-9 88167, 88169, 88170, 88173
  • Freightliner 871002
  • Freightliner rebranded 871006
  • Greenergy debranded 8370 7792 026-7 8370 7792 003-6, 8370 7792 017-6

MMA/JNA ‘Ealnos’ box wagons

MMA JNA Ealnos box wagon Revolution Trains

The new batch of models will also be available in new liveries plus the most popular older ones. For some of the recent variants a small amount of new tooling is required, so these models are expected to arrive a short time after the TEA tankers.

MMA JNA Ealnos box wagon Revolution Trains

Prices have yet to be confirmed, Revolution Trains adding, "If possible [we] will keep prices at the same level as 2019."

The following liveries are promised:

  • Wascosa/Network Rail
  • Cappagh/VTG
  • Touax
  • GBRf/Ermewa

There are now more than 1000 of these versatile box wagons in service, and since Revolution’s original production run in 2019 several new operators have taken them, including Network Rail/Wascosa, Cappagh and Touax. Models feature both 9-ribbed and 11-ribbed bodies with or without small side access doors and variations in end detail and brake equipment.

Further imagery of the new liveries can be found on the Revolution Trains website.


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