Revolution Trains has received decorated samples of its 00 gauge/4mm scale IPA car carriers

29 May 2021
All liveries have been checked and the models will go into production shortly after the order book closes at midnight on July 31st 2021.

The wagons were introduced into the UK in the mid 1990s in anticipation of an increase in automotive traffic following the opening of the Channel Tunnel after being converted from French wagons dating back to the 1950s.

Originally configured as flat-twin sets, some later received side stakes so canvas sheeting could be stretched along the sides to protect the vehicles being transported.  Subsequently, a large number were fitted with more permanent sides and roofs, to offer greater protection, and most of these were remarshalled into quad sets.

They are used across the network especially for high-value cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles.

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The wagons have carried STVA pale grey and STVA red liveries, and recently the first was outshopped in new Groupe CAT blue.

All IPA variants, in all authentic liveries, are being offered by Revolution Trains and can be ordered directly from Revolution Trains for the pre-order price of £60 (twin sets) and £120 (quad sets.)  Models may be available after production, however, the MSRP will increase.


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