Rails Connect CDU arrives in stock

11 February 2021
Created exclusively for the retailer by DCC Concepts, Rails of Sheffield's new Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU) offers modellers further choice for controlling solenoid point motors.

Rails of Sheffield has taken delivery of its new Capacitor Discharge Units (RCC-CDU.1). Falling under its in-house Rails Connect line of products, the 86mm x 64mm x 24mm units are designed to store electrical energy and, when triggered via a contact device such as a push button, or switch, discharge quickly, providing power to activate solenoid-type point motors, as fixed to points, signals, or other scenic accessories.

Suitable for N, OO and O scales, the new CDU promises extra-high power, allowing modellers to fire multiple solenoid motors simultaneously, while handily, a charge indicator LED shows when capacitors are reloaded. 

The unit features self-discharge to ensure safe installation, while pluggable screw terminals (screws included) are provided for an easier installation.

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For further details including current pricing and availability, visit the Rails of Sheffield website.


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