Quickview: Ellis Clark ‘Presflo’ wagons

27 May 2022
Howard Smith casts an eye across this impressive new suite of bulk powder wagons – the first ready-to-run model project under the Ellis Clark brand.

Ellis Clark Trains has delivered its first production range of finescale O gauge Presflo wagons – its first release solely under the Ellis Clark Trains brand.

Ahead of his full review in the August 2022 issue of BRM, Howard Smith take a look at the new arrivals, in the video below: 

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See the full range of Preflo wagons on the Ellis Clark Trains website.


“Presflo Perfection”. The quality and value for money of these these models is second to none. Well worth the wait and look forward to release of the Wickham Trams.

Posted by Ken Thompson on Wed 01 Jun 19:52:10