Production samples arrive for exclusive 18100 Gas Turbine

16 November 2023
Rails of Sheffield has released images of the finished production samples for its exclusive Heljan OO gauge range of 18100 Gas Turbine electric locomotives.

Three locomotives are to be available in this range, British Railways 18100 Gas Turbine, plus the later rebuilt E1000 and E2001 electric locomotives in OO gauge.

Available to pre-order now directly from Rails of Sheffield, the new models cost £225, with a £30 deposit required when placing the order. The models are expected to arrive in early 2024.

Model Specification:

  • Five pole motor driving all four axles (two on each bogie) with flywheels
  • Powered wheels on outer axles of each bogie
  • 21-pin DCC socket with easy access
  • Separately fitted wire handrails and sandpipes
  • Spoked wheels
  • Etched grilles
  • Sprung OLEO buffers
  • Flush glazing
  • NEM coupler pockets
  • Lighting: As per 18000. Two warm white headlights at front (lower left and lower right) in direction of travel and one red tail light at rear (lower centre). Including function (DC and DCC) to switch off tail light when hauling a train.
  • Warm white Cab lights, including a function to switch on/off.
  • Separate engine room lights

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The model is based on a unique gas turbine prototype built for BR, but ordered by the GWR in the 1940s. British Rail 18100 was a prototype mainline gas turbine-electric locomotive delivered to British Railways in 1952 by Metropolitan-Vickers of Manchester. It spent the first phase of its working life on the Western Region of British Railways, operating express passenger services from London Paddington to the West of England.

In December 1953, 18100 was withdrawn from service and returned to MV for storage and later rebuilding as Britain’s first 25kV AC overhead electric locomotive, E1000. In this form, it acted as the testbed for a new generation of high-voltage electric locos for the West Coast Main Line. After these duties were completed in 1961, E1000 (by now renumbered E2001) was used for various test purposes or stored until it was withdrawn in 1968 and eventually scrapped in 1972.

In terms of size and specification, this loco is similar to gas turbine 18000.

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