Planet Industrials show first Kerr Stuart Victory EP

06 April 2021
This is the first working sample model, (commonly known as the Engineering Prototype) of the RTR Kerr, Stuart "Victory" in 00 gauge. The model is a hand-finished example, made from the all the metal and plastic tooling parts that will eventually be put into mass production, to check everything fits together and the mechanism performs as expected.

Planet Industrials report that they are pleased with how hefty and well-engineered the model feels. It's a large loco, around the size of a 57xx Pannier and considerably bigger than the Hornby B2 Peckett, many people's benchmark for a six-coupled industrial.

The model currently tips the scales at 237 grams and, we are told, details like the coupling rods have a convincing thickness being solid metal castings rather than thin stampings or etchings.

As with any EP sample, there are a few areas where the manufacturers wish to make improvements - that's the point of producing it after all. Plant Industrials are already looking at the buffers and couplings with a view to making changes.

The next stage will be production of decorated sample, and the current plan is for the model to be signed off for production in May.

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There is a very active thread on RMweb discussing this model, to which Planet Industrials are taking the time to contribute to, and answering readers questions.

More details can be found on the Planet Industrials website.



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