Oxford Rail provides project updates

14 March 2024
At the Warley Model Rail Show in November 2023, Oxford's stand featured some first shots of the J26 locomotive, and a 3D print of the Cowans & Sheldon 15t Crane. Now, they have further updates on these models.


Oxford has just finalised the CAD for the tooling amendments and are now looking forward to receiving new samples. Once these have been received they will make any necessary amendments before moving to production.

The 3D render above, shows of all four versions of the J26, (Left to right OR76J26001, OR76J26002, OR76J26003 and OR76J26004).


Cowans & Sheldon 15t Crane

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The crane is currently undergoing some major changes for the new mechanism, and CAD development has started on the now-included match truck. A 2024 release date is still anticipated.


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Good to see the crane mentioned but there’s no mention of any of the B Tank wagons. Heljan did them some years back but they are hard to find S/H - I’ve had several Oxford rail Esso black on order for a long time now and was hoping for an update

Posted by Christopher Goulding on Fri 15 Mar 22:00:23