Our top five layouts appearing at Doncaster 2022 show

27 January 2022
Our first BRM show for 2022 is sure to be popular with modellers and families alike. Here's our pick of five layouts that we're keen to see:

Grantham (OO)


After almost a decade since Graham Nicholas first posted images of his layout of a lifetime project on our forum, RMweb, his masterplan is reaching completion. Discover its latest additions during the show. In his own words, "The model is intended as a reasonably accurate portrayal of Grantham as it was in the 1930s, with 1935-1939 as the target period, to allow the original LNER streamliner trains to be run."


Hartley Poole Too (N)

Hartley Pool Too

Richard Hart's model-making journey has seen him tour many shows, though not so much recently. You'll be able to admire his new action-packed scene at Doncaster show, however! Read more about this layout in the March 2020 issue of BRM.


Falcon Road (O)

Falcon Road

Set in the outskirts of a busy city centre station in the London and North Eastern Region, 'Falcon Road' is depicted in the early 1960s and is a natural successor to Ian Harper's last award winning layout – 'Haymarket Cross'. If you're new to O gauge, or looking for advice on where to start, ask Ian!

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Fall Mill (OO9)

Fall Mill

Read about 'Fall Mill' in the Spring 2022 issue of BRM.

David Wright's portrait of the Ashover Light Railway uses his tried and tested professional model-making techniques. When you see this layout, take note of the excellent hand-painted backscene. David will be happy to explain his methods – if you don't ask, you'll never find out!

Whithorn (OO)


Alisdair M Macdonald re-gauged this layout from EM to OO gauge. Discover why, when you meet him at the show.

This finescale layout by Alisdair Macdonald re-imagines a sleepy terminus on an ex-joint line in Galloway, which harbours great appeal for local freight and passenger services. Read more about Whithorn here.

Of course, all the other exhibits are equally great, so how do you even choose a top five? Do you agree with our pick from this year's show? Let us know in the comments, below.

See the complete list of exhibits here and book your tickets so you don't miss out. We'll see you there, in person!


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