Osborn's Models reveals crane and BM-type containers

By Howard Smith

21 September 2020

The north Devon model retailer adds to its selection of model exclusives under its Arch Laser range of products for N and OO gauges.

Model retailer, Osborn's Models has shared images of its latest additions to its Arch Laser layout accessory catalogue, exclusive to the shop. Its ready-to-plant Ransomes and Rapier 6T petrol-electric yard crane is 3D-printed and ready to add to your layout. The model is available in OO and N gauge.

Osborns 6T petrol electric ransomes and rapier crane

The item in OO scale, supplied with driver.

Osborns 6T petrol electric ransomes and rapier crane

The smaller N gauge variant, driver also included.

Both variants can be purchased via the model shop's website.

In other news, its BM container for conflat wagons is now available for N and OO scales.

BM container

osborns models bm container

Supplied as a mixed media laser-cut and engraved kit, it requires PVA glue and paints to finish. The retailer recommends Transfer Sheet BL185 for BR BM-type fresh meat containers for the early BR period from Cambridge Custom Transfers. Each sheet provides transfers for twenty-one containers.

For more details, current picing and availability, visit the Osborn's Models website.


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