Order books open for new Heljan Mk.2 coaches

17 August 2021
Heljan has released images and open its order books for the eagerly-awaited Mk.2 coaches in O gauge.

The range covers many of the liveries worn across their lives, from introduction in the 1960s, right up to the present day. Four coach types are offered:

  • Tourist Second Open (TSO)
  • Brake Second Open (BSO)
  • Brake First Corridor (BFK)
  • First Corridor (FK)

Priced at £279.00 (RRP), the new models are available to order now from Heljan stockists (the majority currently offering a 15% discount) and are expected to arrive in Q1 next year.

Heljan has released the approved livery artwork, pictured below, and highly detailed interiors will also be a major feature of these new models, with authentic early Mk2 seating, partitions and luggage racks on view. The models have been designed to replicate either vacuum-braked Mk2 or air-braked Mk2a vehicles, giving customers the option to tailor their models to suit using customer-fit gangway end doors and underframe details.

TSO (Tourist Second Open)

2400 - BR blue and grey

2401 - ScotRail

2402 - Network SouthEast light blue

2403 - Network SouthEast dark blue

2404 - Hebridean green and cream

2405 - Provincial/Trans-Pennine 

2406 - Regional Railways

2407 - West Coast Railways maroon

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BSO (Brake Second Open)

2410 - BR blue and grey

2411 - Network SouthEast light blue

2412 - Network SouthEast dark blue

2413 - Hebridean green and cream

2414 - Provincial/Trans-Pennine 

2415 - BR blue and grey micro buffet

2416 - Direct Rail Services blue

BFK - Brake First Corridor

2420 - BR blue and grey

2421 - ​​​​​​Network SouthEast light blue

2422 - Network SouthEast dark blue

2423 - Regional Railways

2424 - Inter-City Executive

2425 - Network Rail yellow

FK - First Corridor

2430 - BR blue and grey

2431 - Network SouthEast light blue

2432 - Network SouthEast dark blue

2433 - Provincial/Trans-Pennine 

2434 - ScotRail

2435 - BR Research Department red and blue

2436 - BR green

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