Rail Exclusive launches speaker range

15 May 2019
for-upload-53824.jpg Rail Exclusive DCC Speakers
DCC sound users will benefit from 12 different speaker sizes, suitable for fitting inside models from N scale upwards in a new range from Rail Exclusive.

Rail Exclusive, UK distributor for the Zimo DCC system has launched a range of new sound speakers, designed and tested to be compatible with its range of Zimo decoders and others such as Hornby and ESU. Suitable for N to O gauges, their dimensions will fit spaces as small as 12 x 8 x 8mm, up to 55 x 20 x 10mm. Eight of the speaker enclosures make use of a single speaker, with four employing a twin speaker for optimum results. Five of the larger speakers are pre-wired too, for ease of installation.

The casings are injection-moulded using ABS plastic and house a speaker-type that has benefitted from years of smartphone speaker research to bring railway modellers a better quality of sound reproduction. The components used have been sourced from high-end specialists who make components for premium technology companies. The high performance units use composite materials and incorporate the latest membrane design resulting in a crisp, clear output with increased bass levels and minimal distortion. Note - when changing decoder speaker, respect the impedance of the decoder output to avoid damage. For pricing and availability of these new speakers, visit www.railexclusive.com

Rail Exclusive Sound Speaker

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The largest of the new speakers from Rail Exclusive, its Chunky 'Boom Box', measures 55 x 20 x 10mm with a 4Ohm Impedance and 2W power output.


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