Point motor cover from White Rose Modelworks

22 April 2019
WhiteRosepointcover_small-27260.jpg Point cover
An ingenious cover to those using Peco points and motors.

If you follow the instructions found in a Peco point, the advice is to clip their solenoid motor under the tiebar.

This works, but the modeller has to drill a 44mm diameter hole under the end of the point, which is at best unsightly and at worst a problem when you try to add ballast.

White Rose Modelworks has produced a simple and ingenious solution to this problem - a waxed, heavy paper disk die-cut to fit between point and motor.

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It won't impede the point switching, but when dropped into the hole (which you can make with a DIY store hole saw), will cover the edges neatly. You can also ballast the track as normal, rendering the fitting invisible. 

Price - £1 each.

More details at the White Rose Modelworks website.


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