New Hornby Sound-Fitted 9F 92002 arrives

15 November 2023
We reviewed Hornby’s latest 9F models in BRM some little time ago (92167 and 92220), commenting on what outstanding models they were. All those plaudits apply to this latest manifestation, representing 92002, the third of the (eventually 251-strong) class, built at Crewe in 1954.

Hornby’s model represents the loco as-built, with single chimney and first BR device on the tender, up to 1956/’57 (when the second BR device was applied to the tender). Latterly, the loco received a double chimney, after its home changed from the Western Region to the London Midland Region. It was withdrawn from Birkenhead shed in November 1967. It always towed a BR1G tender (correct on the model), and only ever had one boiler change. The 9Fs were not initially popular on the WR; indeed, 92002 itself was involved in at least two minor collisions due to ‘inadequate’ brakes.

As mentioned, the model is correct for the loco as-built and is entirely appropriate for layouts depicting the lines in South Wales up to the late-‘50s, operating from Ebbw Jct. It’s accurate in every major and minor detail, with a superb, ex-works finish (which would benefit from realism with the application of some weathering). It’s DCC sound-fitted, and since its decoder has been programmed not to work on DC.

There is the usual bag of extra bits for the purchaser to fit – brake rigging, steps, cylinder drain cocks, crew, etc. All in all, an excellent addition to Hornby’s steam-outline range.

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Costing from £282.99, the model is available to order from Hornby’s website. 

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