New Hornby Bluetooth Legacy Dongle now available

27 February 2024
The new accessory allows users to connect up older DCC controllers from Hornby, adding Bluetooth and Smartphone/tablet control.

Combining Bluetooth technology and app-based control, the HM7000 Control System has been designed to take operators to the next step when controlling their model railway.

Priced at £39.99, the Bluetooth® Legacy Dongle allows the HM | DCC app to work with older DCC Controllers from Hornby. The dongle works with all Hornby DCC decoders - including the Elite, Select and Railmaster. This will allow the HM | DCC app to control all your previous non-Bluetooth decoders.

Working via the XpressNet socket - this is a common socket included in many other brands of DCC Controller, however, Hornby is unable to confirm if the Dongle will work seamlessly with other brands of controller.

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Please ensure that your smart device can download the HM | DCC app prior to the purchase of any HM7000 products.

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