New 'Hattons Trunk' service launched

Hattons of Liverpool has launched a new service that allows customers to pay and secure items that will then be held until you are ready for delivery.

The 'Hattons Trunk' service then gives customers the option to add further items to their 'Trunk', including pre-orders. Web customers will see a new 'Add to Trunk' button to the side of the standard 'Add to Cart' option on any product page. Clicking this will add the product to the customer's 'Trunk' and ensure that this part of your order will be held at Hattons.

Payment is taken and an order number created. However, postage will only be calculated and paid when the customer decides to have their items shipped.

Should the country face further isolation requirements, this scheme allows customers to keep buying throughout any stricter lockdown measures, safe in the knowledge that their order will be shipped in a single parcel as soon as normal service is resumed. 

At the same time, Hattons has also announced a new free video calling system. The new service is called 'Vetail', which allows customers to book a 20-minute appointment with one of the firm's product experts to talk through any model railway topics or items. A camera is not necessary and you can simply converse with experts to ask any questions that come to mind.

To find out more visit the Hattons website. Click here.