New figures available from Modelu

09 December 2021
A new range of figures has been released by ModelU. Each is 3D-printed in resin from scans of real people, and in this case, furniture, which are available in many scales from 2mm to 1:19 (G scale).

All the models shown are 4mm scale with prices for single figures starting at £4.50. The Autocoach figure pack starts at £21.60, but includes seven figures.

Figures are supplied straight from the printer and need printing supports removed before painting with enamel or acrylic paints. The supports can be removed easily by tugging them with a pair of tweezer..

New figures are as follows;

40s Kids

1553-076 1940s Boy sitting on a milk churn

1554-076 1940s Boy with satchel

1555-076 1940s Boy sitting on a case

40s Women

1556-076 1940s Woman with purse

1552-076 1940s Woman and child

1551-076 1940s Woman

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Autocoach figures

0911-076 GWR Autocoach driver using regulator

Autocoach passenger pack


1730-076 Graffiti artist

1733-076 Graffiti artist

1732-076 Drinker


2742-076 Fitter cupboard


2741-076 Fitter bench


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