New CDA wagons from Peco

27 March 2024
Peco has released its previously available N gauge CDA china clay hopper based on the HAA MGR wagons in its most recent DB Cargo livery with a maroon frame and load cover.

The models are based on the 2004 chassis tooling but now feature steel wheels for better running qualities. Although the real things ended up predominantly white coated under kaolin, the DB branding, wagon date and the St. Blazey lizard plaques are all neatly portrayed.

The DB Cargo livery marks the end of these iconic wagons in revenue service in 2023 after 35 years of service, and the models are also being released in previous EWS maroon and English China Clays blue liveries.

Priced at £22.25, the new wagons are available to order now.

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