New Accurascale Pannier Tanks revealed

23 November 2023
Accurascale has revealed samples of its new Great Western Railway/British Railways 57xx, 67xx and 8750 Pannier Tank locomotives in 00 will be on display at the Warley Exhibition at the weekend.

Following the recent success and reaction to its GWR 78xx Manor Class locomotives, and the feedback following the launch of its GER Buckjumpers, Accurascale has revealed plans to model one of the most iconic tank locomotives in 00 gauge. 

Although a locomotive class that has been modelled in ready-to-run format before, the Accurascale model brings variants never before done as a RTR model. This means locomotives with backplate feed (not top feed fitted) feature heavily in the launch range. Another striking variation amongst the contractor-built locomotives was the use of rivets for constructing the tanks. Later modifications like the large “8750” cab is also included as is the 67xx sub-class that was built without steam heat or vacuum brakes – with relevant pipes and equipment missing from the model as per prototype.

One smaller, but no less important, change is around the cab area. When built, the 57xx Class didn’t have an external front handrail or bunker steps. The handrail was flush with the cab side and built into the beading, the steps were also a later addition, which Accurascale has recreated on its model.

Smaller variations like the whistles with or without a whistle guard, types of water filler, which can either screw down or clip down, position and number of spare lamp irons, cast or fabricated brake hangers, couplings were either screw link or 3 link and right down to the route of the injector overflow pipe, whether it ran through the running plate or around the outside, is also catered for in the Accurascale tooling suite. 

Watch our exclusive interview with Accurascale about these new locomotives by clicking the button below.


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Launch range locomotives

  • 5754. Great Western livery
  • 6743. Great Western livery
  • 7755. GWR Shirt button Livery
  • 5741. GWR Livery
  • 9741. British Railways Green Livery
  • 8763. British Railways Lined black livery, with Early Emblem
  • 9681. British Railways Black Livery, Late Crest
  • 7714. British Railways Black Livery, Early Emblem
  • 7754. NCB Green Livery

Detailed Specification  

  • Detailed 0-6-0PT 00 gauge model, 1:76.2 scale on 16.5mm track
  • Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd radius set track)
  • RP25-110 profile 00 gauge wheels
  • Coreless motor with flywheel geared for maximum performance and slow-speed running
  • Die-cast metal chassis and pickups to all wheels
  • Next18 DCC ready or ESU LokSound V5 sound fitted, slot mounted in smokebox
  • PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power
  • Two quality sugar cube speakers contained in sound capsule located for best possible sound
  • Small, flexible neck NEM coupler mounts set at correct height, with mini-tension-lock couplers
  • Brake rigging factory fitted
  • Brake blocks aligned with wheels
  • Scale width wire handrails and sand pipes
  • Fully detailed cab interior with twin LED pulsing/steady Firebox glow
  • Etched metal/plastic detail parts, including grab handles, steps, buffer pipework, lamp irons, etc.
  • Turned brass whistles etched whistle shields (where fitted)
  • Sliding roof ventilator
  • Etched metal pre-painted number plates and works plates
  • Fully sprung metal buffers, factory-installed pipework and screw/3 link couplings
  • Magnetically removable smoke box door

The locomotive is now fully tooled, with first samples being on display on the Accurascale stand at the Warley MRC Exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. These samples are currently undergoing testing and evaluation before they progress to the decoration and production stages. It is anticipated that the locomotives will arrive in stock early 2025 and will be priced at £139.95 for DC/DCC Ready models, and £239.95 for DCC Sound Fitted models. 

Locomotives can be pre-ordered via the Accurascale website for no money down or via monthly installments at no extra cost, or via Accurascale’s network of local stockists. 

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