NER C1 signal box kit from Dexter's Cove

04 June 2020
A new multi-media plastic signal box kit and further model figures for OO gauge from the model specialist.

Laser-cut from plastic for 4mm:1ft scale layouts (OO gauge), a new signal box kit depicting a North Eastern Railway C1 type is being manufactured by model architecture specialist, Dexter's Cove. The laser-cut plastic kit with 3D printed resin details is supplied with self-adhesive roof tiles, offering modellers a detailed design.

Dexter's cove signal box

The new multi-media NER C1 type signal box kit from Dexter's Cove.

In other news, the manufacturer has added to its range of model figures with offerings for OO and O gauge modellers alike. Skateboarders and a second variation of its horse riders, depicting a girl on a pony and a rider in a long coat have been added.

dexters cove horse riders

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dexters cove skateboarders

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