N Class 59 arrives in stock

22 March 2024
Dapol's new N gauge Class 59 models have arrived and are being shipped to customers and stockists.

The new model incorporates Dapol’s re-designed chassis and electronics and will also feature the same iron-cored 5-pole motor that is used in the N Gauge Class 50 and Class 68.

Current liveries available to buy

  • Kenneth J Painter 59005 Foster Yeoman Silver
  • Village Of Mells 59103 ARC
  • John F Yeoman 59206 DB Schenker
  • 59204 National Power Blue
  • 59104 Hanson Village of Great Elm
  • 59001 Aggregate Industries Yeoman Endeavour
  • 59201 EWS Vale of York

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Prices are as follows; £172.80 for DCC Ready, £205.20 for DCC Fitted, and £291.60 for DCC Sound.

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