Modeltech reveals innovative rail aligner

By Howard Smith

09 September 2020

This new range of rail aligners from ModelTech are designed as a replacement to sleepers at the end of a baseboard.

Market newcomer, Modeltech has unveiled an innovative solution for aligning track at the edge of a baseboard. Designed to prevent rails from parting from their plastic sleepers and to keep them in-line when reassembling baseboards, the new range of rail aligners replace sleepers at the end of a baseboard. The components are available for N, HO/OO, OO, O, OO9 and O-16.5 track gauges.

modeltech baseboard joiners

Rails are soldered to the units, ensuring a correct back-to-back measurement is maintained, pinning each unit to its respective baseboard and the jigsaw teeth help correct alignment each time the boards are re-assembled.   

Pack contents vary between scales. For current pricing and availability, visit its website.



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