Model Sounds to join Stoneybridge Structures range

22 February 2021
A sound system business is acquired by the model building kit manufacturer and layout accessory retailer.

Model Sounds is to join Stoneybridge Structures from March 1. Established in 2012, the Model Sounds range comprises of a compact speaker which plays different sound files, stored on SD cards. Aimed to provide layout sounds to DC modellers, the speakers can be used alongside DCC layouts too.

The library of bespoke sound files will be made available after the transfer of the business, though its 'Master Blaster' speaker unit is no longer in production. A larger, but "equally impressive" speaker unit is being promised.

Established in 2014 by Gavin Thirkell, Stoneybridge Structures aims to provide laser-cut building and structures for railway modellers, designed and manufactured at its workshop in Sunderland. The Model Sounds range aims to provide a portable amplifier and speaker in one box, paired with "high quality sounds, that don't sound digitised."

Stoneybridge Structures master blaster sound unit

The former 'Master Blaster' small cylindrical unit, with a similar diameter to a toilet roll tube is designed to fit inside 4mm:1ft scale structures and provide a 'plug and play' solution.

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Gavin Thirkell commented, "Our ever-expanding range now includes scenic items, detailing packs, track components, Slaters Plastikard and now Model Sounds™ Sound files and speakers. All our products are geared towards the layout side of railway modelling including its construction and ambience." 

For more details on the Model Sounds range, including pricing and availability, visit the Stoneybridge Structures website.


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