Lionheart to manufacture Lynton and Barnstaple locomotive and rolling stock for O-16.5

27 September 2021
Launched at the 2021 Lynton and Barnstaple Autumn Gala, the manufacturer makes a forray into narrow gauge with a Manning Wardle 2-6-2T and compatible range of coaches, expected to arrive in autumn 2022.

Lionheart Trains launched a new range of models at the Lynton and Barnstable Autumn Gala 2021. The manufacturer is promising a detailed collection of 7mm:1ft scale Manning Wardle 2-6-2 locomotives, for 16.5mm gauge track.

Lionheart 2-6-2T

The model specification is as follows:

  • 7mm: 1ft scale (1:43.5)
  • Designed for OO gauge track, with minimum 610mm/2ft radius curves
  • Compensated chassis for smooth running
  • Die-cast boiler, tanks and chassis
  • Die-cast nickel-plated wheels
  • Five-pole skew-wound motor
  • Pull out PCB with Next-18 decoder socket
  • Tool-free DCC and DCC sound installation Factory installed sound fitted versions available
  • Prototypical working Joy valve gear
  • Fire box glow
  • Working locomotive headlamps
  • All versions and liveries to be produced
  • Adaptable to 14mm track gauge

The six proposed models are:

  • (LHT-7NS-001) Exe As delivered in 1897 (early cab)
  • (LHT-7NS-002) Yeo Lynton & Barnstaple Livery 1903-1913 (early cab)
  • (LHT-7NS-003) Taw Lynton & Barnstaple Livery 1913-1924 (late cab)
  • (LHT-7NS-004) Exe Southern Livery 1924-1927 (late cab)
  • (LHT-7NS-005) Yeo Southern Livery 1927-1929 (late cab)
  • (LHT-7NS-006) Taw Southern Livery 1930-1931 (late cab)

Three locomotives, all named after rivers, were originally ordered to operate the section of line between Lynton and Barnstable when it opened in 1897. The locomotives couldn't manage the traffic and were joined by Baldwin 2-4-2T Lyn. During their careers the original locomotives received a number of alterations, including the removal of the motion covers in 1903 and the cutting back of the cab to improve visibility for the crew.

When the line was absorbed by the Southern Railway in 1923, a further example, Lew, was ordered from Manning Wardle. With the closure of the Lynton & Barnstaple Railway in 1935, all the older locomotives were scrapped, only Lew surviving to be shipped abroad and never seen again.

L&B Lionheart coach

Meanwhile, a range of rolling stock to accompany the locomotives has been revealed, with an Open Third, All Third, Third Brake and Composite Brake announced.

L&B Lionheart coach

CAD render of underframe detail.

L&B Lionheart coach

Brake third

L&B Lionheart coach

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Brake composite

L&B Lionheart coach

Open third

Models announced are as follows:

(LHT-7NP-001) Open third Lynton & Barnstaple No. 7 1901-1922
(LHT-7NP-002) Open third Southern 2466 1924-1935
(LHT-7NP-003) All third Lynton & Barnstaple No. 11 1901-1922
(LHT-7NP-004) All third Southern 2470 1924-1935
(LHT-7NP-005) Brake third Lynton & Barnstaple No. 16 1901-1922
(LHT-7NP-006) Brake third Southern 4108 1924-1922
(LHT-7NP-007) Brake Composite Lynton & Barnstaple No. 15 1902-1922
(LHT-7NP-008) Brake Composite Southern 6993 1924-1935
(LHT-7NP-009) Open third Lynton & Barnstaple No. 8 1897-1901
(LHT-7NP-010) Brake third Lynton & Barnstaple No. 16 1897-1901

Models are expected to arrive in autumn, 2022. For further details, pricing and availability, visit your local Lionheart stockist, or visit the Lionheart Trains website.


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