09 November 2023
We chat with David Geary about the key products recently launched by the electronic supplier, and what we can expect in the not-so-distant future.

World of Railways: You announced the new 8A Power Booster recently and had it on display at Gaydon in October, what was the response like? 

David: Response was very good and encouraging, and lots of interest was shown, although it is designed for the larger layouts and more experienced modellers.

WOR: Last year you announced the LD101, how successful has the new controller been so far?

D: The LD101 has been very successful, it applies to both analogue and digital layouts. The big advantage of being a modeller upgrading to digital is that you do not have to convert all your locomotives at once. It is also perfect for the test bench, being able to switch from DC to DCC at the touch of a button. The controller with its 4amp output is suitable for N to O gauge, which gives it a wider audience. What seems more difficult is explaining to prospective customers that the controller has a full 32-function range at such a competitive price.

WOR: You offer a wide range of products - what would you say are your big sellers? 

D: There is a variety of ‘big sellers’, ranging from modellers tools to grass applicators to the LD101 and everything in between. However, in the small item range, we sell a vast quantity of LEDs, switches, and wiring accessories. Moving forward, we intend to expand our range of products with some unique items.

WOR: Having the technical support from DMG Technical must be invaluable for customers – do you think this gives you an edge? 

D: Without a doubt, YES, we have the edge. Our engineering ability enables us to develop new products in a more cost-effective manner than competitors.

WOR: More and more modellers are exploring the advantages of DCC, what would you say to those still on the fence? 

D: I would advise them to purchase an LD101, which will allow the modeller to experiment between DC and DCC and find out the advantages for themselves. In the opinion of DMG, DCC is the way forward.

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WOR: What would you say are the three most important things a modern-day railway modeller needs from an electronic supplier? 

D: Good technical support, ability to obtain components from one supplier in a cost-effective way, and reliability and quality of components supplied.

WOR: Layout lighting, in particular street lighting and buildings, has evolved massively over the past few years – have you seen a pick up in customers looking at your products? 

D: Without question, we have seen a large increase in customers wanting street lighting and track-side lighting products, particularly due to the large selection of products and cost-effective pricing. Currently, we are adding new lights to the ever-growing range of at least one new item per month. Our project crossing will provide the modeller with a range of rail-road crossing accessories that are not currently available elsewhere at a competitive price. Hopefully, these should start arriving in the New Year.

WOR: You have big ambitions to become the number one model railway electronics specialist, what plans are in the pipeline to help you achieve this goal? 

D: Continual expansion of the range of products we hold and providing high-quality components/products at competitive prices. Our aim is to hold large stock quantities so the modeller does not have to wait for delayed components. This will then enable us to provide a rapid wholesale service to traders and model shops. 

WOR: When can we expect to see you next at an exhibition? 

D: November 25-26th, 2023, at the Warley Exhibition (NEC) Stand L13 – see you there! 

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