Hornby mid-year product announcements for summer 2024

19 June 2024
The Margate manufacturer has revealed new products to join its range, which are due to be released in the coming months.

LNER, W1 Class, 4-6-4, 10000 'Hush Hush' With Steam Generator - Era 3

Among the big announcements, is the arrival of a Hush Hush with steam generator. Hot on the heels of the P2, which was the first to launch with the technology – you can watch our video of the LNER Class P2 2-8-2 Prince of Wales No. 2007 with steam generator put to the test here. 

Adding to the rise of modern locomotive innovation, the Class W1 No. 10000 ‘Hush Hush’ is installed with a steam generator, which provides the ability to produce great clouds of water vapour, which will billow through the locomotive’s chimney.

Available: December 2024

Price: £294.99

Drax Biomass Wagon packs

In 2013, Drax unveiled the UK’s first purpose-built biomass rail freight wagon at the National Railway Museum in York. Developed by designers at Lloyd’s Register Rail and manufactured by WH Davis, it is the largest ever produced and pushes the boundaries of rail engineering. At 18.9m long with top doors stretching 18.2m and bottom doors of 3.7m, the supersize wagon has a capacity of 116 cubic metres allowing a biomass load weighing 71.6 tonnes. Its volume is almost 30 percent bigger than any freight wagon currently used in the UK.

Two Drax biomass wagon packs are available, both consist of two bright blue Drax Northern Powerhouse liveried wagons with their respective running numbers, 83700698071-3 and 83700698009-3 in pack one, and 83700698083-8 and 83700698158-8. R60176A contains two biomass wagons with different decals as decoration on the livery compared to this pack.  

Available: Spring 2025

Price: £79.99

RailRoad Grand Central HST Train Pack

The Grand Central HST pack contains a power car with the running number, 43465, and a dummy car with the running number, 43484. Each locomotive sports the distinctive Grand Central black and orange striped livery with the iconic Grand Central logo emblazoned on the bodysides. Two etched nameplates with the legend, ‘Peter Fox 1942-2011 Platform 5’, are included in an accessory bag for the dummy car. For a full rake, these locomotives are perfect to run with the following Grand Central Mk3 coaches: R40440, R40441, R40442, R40443 and R40444.

Available: September 2024

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Price: £149.99

RailRoad Grand Central Rail coaches

The Mk3 TSO coach model sports the distinctive Grand Central black and orange striped livery with the iconic Grand Central logo emblazoned in the middle of the stripe. Featuring an accurate corridor connection and close coupling, this model is suitable to run with a Class 43 power and dummy car from the R30375 Grand Central HST Pack.

Five coaches have been announced

  • Mk3 1st Class Coach, 41206 - Era 10
  • Mk3 Trailer Standard Open, 42401 - Era 10
  • Mk3 Trailer Standard Open, 42402 - Era 10
  • Mk3 TSD, 42403 - Era 10
  • Mk3 Buffet Coach, 40424 - Era 10

Available: September 2024

Price: £34.99 each

RailRoad Procor, PVA Van - Era 8

A small batch of 20 curtain sided vans, numbered between PR6915-PR6934, were constructed between 1982 and 1984 by Procor at Wakefield in Yorkshire. These vans were owned by Procor and were made available for spot hire. Under TOPS, they were coded as PVA and were built to Diagram No. PV009A. Each van measured at 41ft 11in over headstocks and included a wheelbase of 29ft 6in, with the batch able to carry about 31t as a load.

The model features a PVA curtain sided van with the side featuring a blue Procor livery. The running number is PR6934 and is modelled as the prototype was on Immingham Docks in 1986. It incorporates fixed tension couplings for easier coupling to other locomotives and rolling stock.

Available: Autumn 2024

Price: £25.99

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