Heljan confirms Class 86 liveries, unveils pre-production models

22 October 2019
The Danish manufacturer confirms a suite of liveries for its back-dated AL6/Class 86 tooling, to represent the locomotives in their 'as-built' condition.

Heljan is modifying its AL6/Class 86 tooling to produce a batch of models depicting the Class in their as-built condition, suitable for the 1965-1980 period.

Not previously available in ready-to-run OO gauge form, the models will cover variations on the original BR blue colour scheme applied from new and BR Rail Blue, which was applied from the late-1960s onwards. The tooling has been designed to represent the locomotives in their ‘as built’ condition, with post-1973 examples seeeing the addition of sanding gear.

To offer the Class in this form, it has made updates to its original tooling, used to depict the Class in its later modified state. Changes include a back-dated bodyshell, bogies, wheels and underframe and a new finescale pantograph.

undecorated sample Heljan Class 86

First EP of Heljan's new back-dated AL6/Class 86 tooling.

BR Blue E3104 with red bufferbeams – as built.

BR Blue E3114 with small yellow warning panels and blue bufferbeams.

BR Blue E3178 with full yellow ends, white cab roof and red bufferbeams.

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BR Rail Blue E3146 with double arrow logo, full yellow ends, white cab roof and black bufferbeams.

BR Rail Blue E3156 with double arrow logo and full yellow ends.

BR Rail Blue 86036 with double arrow logo and full yellow ends.

Weathered BR Rail Blue 86034 with double arrow logo, full yellow ends.

Models will feature all-wheel drive and pick-up, LED illuminated headcode panels and tail lights, a 21-pin DCC decoder interface and provision for DCC sound. Running samples are being tested on DC analogue and DCC.

Photograph of two pre-production samples were unveiled, one a hand-painted sample of a lightly weathered BR blue class 86/0 sample prepared by Lee’s Locos, the other an unpainted sample with the new pantograph.

Heljan commented "A number of minor improvements have been requested, based on close inspection of the engineering samples." 

Pre-orders are being taken with Heljan stockists. Visit its website for further details.


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