Heljan Class 47 production underway

29 July 2021
Production has started on Heljan's much anticipated 7mm scale Class 47.

No fewer than 12 versions will be released in September, with an SRP of £699 each.

Covering both 1960s/70s locomotives with glazed headcodes and steam heating equipment and late-1970s onwards with plated headcode panels, ETH or no heat locomotives with HI headlights, many of the most common and popular liveries of the BR and Sector periods are included.

Models with HI headlights also have a choice of hinged or frosted marker light inserts which can be configured for the loco of your choice.

1960s/70s locos with glazed headcodes/steam heat

#4850 BR green 47/0 (small yellow panels)
#4851 BR green 47/0 (full yellow ends)
#4852 BR blue 47/0 (full yellow ends)
#4853 BR green D1670 Mammoth (small yellow panels) - KERNOW MRC EXCLUSIVE

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1980s/90s locos with HI headlight

#4860 BR blue Class 47/4
#4861 BR Large Logo blue Class 47/4
#4862 Railfreight 'Red Stripe' Class 47
#4863 Railfreight Sector grey (unbranded) Class 47
#4864 BR 'Dutch' grey/yellow Class 47
#4865 BR Parcels red/grey Class 47/4
#4866 InterCity Executive Class 47/4
#4867 Network SouthEast Class 47/4


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