Get up Close and Personal with Copenhagen Fields

07 April 2021
It can be really difficult to get close enough to see the details on Copenhagen Fields at an exhibition; it’s all rather frustrating for visitors to shows. The MRC is therefore offering an opportunity for a small number of people to get a personal viewing of the layout fully up and running under exhibition conditions at Keen House.

There will be no front barriers and you will be able to get behind the scenes, even under them, to find out how the layout is built and see parts of it that are never visible under normal show conditions.

Visitors might even have the opportunity to drive the Flying Scotsman through Belle Isle, Copenhagen tunnel and the Holloway Bank on the journey north to Edinburgh, or carefully bring the Silver Jubilee into the Cross.

The public also never see the best view from the operating panels at each end, looking along the length of the layout. Many new features have been added over the last twelve months; notably, York Road tube station and the Kings Cross goods sheds.

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Visitors observing the big scene will also hear about the area’s history and the tricks, tips and tales of layout construction and exhibiting will be explained - effectively guided tours by Tim Watson and the CF team who will do their best to answer any questions arising in our small group discussions.

The event will take place on 10th and 11th July 2021, between 10am and 4pm. Booking is essential with 4-6 people per session to give you a chance to have a drive.

Price is £15 per person, including a souvenir booklet and a cup of tea or coffee before your session.

Book your place now online at for this very limited special event.


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