First RTR Mk. 2C coaches for 'OO' revealed

13 February 2023
Already announced under the Irish Railway Models brand, models emerge for UK market under sister brand, Accurascale.

New late-style Mk. 2C  coaches with their characteristic small 'air con'-style toilet windows have been promised by Accurascale. Never before made RTR in 4mm:1ft scale / OO, the coaches are to follow on from its anticipated Mk. 2B coaches, currently in production and due this summer.

These variants are production-ready and will begin once the Mk. 2B production run is complete. Models are expected to arrive in stock in Q4, 2023, priced at £59.95 each.

Accurascale’s Mk. 2C coaches are said to be built on research from its Mk. 2B coaches, with both variants surveyed together as Accurascale embarked on creating a wide reaching and flexible tooling suite for these missing links in the Mk. 2 coach family. This was achieved using surveys of numerous surviving vehicles around the UK along with works drawings and even a partial 3D scan to ensure that the characteristic tumblehome and shape of the ends is as accurate as possible.

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The survey extended to the interiors with particular attention being paid to differences of interior layout, seating styles and areas like the TSOT across the range. A perfect complement to its Mk. 2B range which is currently in production, Accurascale is starting its range with 10 differently numbered coaches in BR blue/grey livery.

Accurascale Mk.2C coach

The Mk. 2C was varied, with Tourist Second Open (TSO), Corridor First (FK), Open First (FO), Brake Corridor First (BFK) and Brake Open Second (BSO) formats. In the 1980s four further types were introduced, SK and SO (declassified from first class), Corridor Composite (converted from FK for Scottish Region services) and a mini buffet with trolley space, known as TSO(T). All nine of these versions feature in Accurascale’s tooling suite.

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The specification of models promises fine exterior rivet detail on roof and coach ends, with separately-applied etched metal and high-fidelity plastic parts, including handrails, brake/steam heat pipes, ETH cabling and sockets, footsteps, dummy drophead knuckle coupler, and roof vents.

Accurascale Mk.2C coach

Glazing is also expected to be prism-free, with pre-painted etched metal water filler covers provided for customers to install. A detailed underframe with "numerous separate parts, pipe runs and accurate differences between versions" is anticipated. Accurascale says that models are to have "the most accurate B4 bogies ever produced", with provision for re-gauging to EM or P4 (18.83mm) gauges.

Accurascale Mk.2C coach

On a further positive move, wheels are to be blackened to RP25.110 profile with 14.4mm back-to-back measurements, and 26mm over pinpoints. Different buffers are to be produced for retracted and non-retracted positions.

Meanwhile, interiors are to feature characteristic 'winged' headrests, separate metal interior handrails on the brake and corridor vehicles and a detailed guard's compartment. NEM coupling sockets are to be fitted, while a lighting package, including a magnet 'wand' is to control interior lighting, with back-up assured by a 'stay-alive' capacitor in all coaches.


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