Exclusive Bachmann 00 Class 158 2-Car Sprinter revealed

03 November 2023
Kernow Model Rail Centre (KMRC) has revealed an exclusive Bachmann 00 Class 158 2-Car Sprinter DMU 158 827 in Ginsters livery.

Produced for KMRC by Bachmann and available to order now, unit 158 827 is in Ginsters livery comprising of car numbers 52827 & 57827 with destination blinds for Bristol Temple Meads.

The model features two powered vehicles, each with a 3-pole motor and flywheel driving both axles on the inner bogies. The diecast metal, multi-stage gearbox, with gearing is arranged for prototypical running speeds and haulage capabilities. The trailing bogies run in pin point metals bearings and electrical pick-up is from all wheels with conductive couplings with integral close coupling mechanism at the inner ends and working miniature BSI Couplings at the cab end. 

Separately applied metal detail parts include exhaust guards and interior luggage racks, bogies are constructed from multiple components featuring brake and suspension details, and the underframes are fully detailed with many separately fitted components. 

Each model is supplied with an accessory pack comprising exhaust pipes, frame extensions and coupling tool.

The units feature directional lighting, including illuminated destination panels, with Day/Night mode; selectable via the chassis-mounted switches or via a dedicated DCC function. Directional lights, each end, and interior lighting can be turned on/off independently via the chassis-mounted switches or via separate DCC functions. 

Two speakers are fitted, one in each vehicle, for optimum sound reproduction and fitted to every model as standard. A Zimo MX645P22 DCC Sound Decoder is fitted to sound fitted versions. The sound fitted models operate on DCC and Analogue control as supplied.

The KMRC Exclusive class 158 is available in standard DCC ready and is priced at £299.99. The models are equipped with a Plux22 DCC Decoder Socket (recommended Decoder item No. 36-570A) and DCC sound fitted versions cost £399.99. 

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Chris Trerise, Managing Director, said: “The very distinctive Ginsters livery class 158s with the Cornwall logos have been regularly requested and is, therefore, an obvious choice for us to include in our ever-growing range of KMRC Exclusive models.”

The Class 158 is a member of the Sprinter series of regional trains that were constructed between 1989 and 1992 by British Rail Engineering Limited. A total of 182 Class 158 units were introduced. The majority were built as two-car units, although 17 were produced as three-car units.

Five Wales & Borders Class 158s received the Ginsters advertising livery - 158 819 / 821 / 825 / 827 / 841 - and operated throughout the Wales & Borders Franchise area, including Cardiff to Penzance, Manchester to Cardiff, Portsmouth to Cardiff, Barmouth to Birmingham etc. 

Applied in early 2003, the vinyls were removed in early 2007. The livery included images of Cornwall and Ginsters logos (which were also added to the roof) along with large advertising posters on each side, which were designed to look hand-painted.

Order your new model today from the Kernow Model Rail Centre website. 

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