Dundas Models expands 009 range with four new kits

16 May 2024
Four new 009 plastic rolling stock kits have become available in the 009 range by Dundas Models, and are available to order now.

The kits were previously sold by W D Models of North Wales but are now owned by Dundas Models, the tooling was produced for W D Models by Parkside Dundas.

  • DMLR01 W.W.1 War Dept. Class ‘A’ 4 Wheel Open Wagon (Removable Sides) £8.95
  • DMLR02 W.W.1 War Dept. Class ‘A’ 4 Wheel Open Wagon (Removable Sides) £23.60
  • DMLR03 W.W.1 War Dept. Class ‘C’ Bogie Open Wagon (Removable Sides) £20.15
  • DMLR04 W.W.1 War Dept. Class ‘C’ Bogie Open Wagon (Fixed Sides with Door) £18.85

These kits include metal wheels and have been designed for the Greenwich CPL1 or CPL1W Coupling. It may be possible to fit other suitable 009 couplings. See our website for the following products, Dundas Models (Bemo) Couplings, Greenwich Couplings & Height Gauge & Peco Couplings.

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About the prototype

During the First World War, narrow gauge railways played a large role in moving troops, munitions and supplies to the front line. The four wheeled ‘A’ class wagon came first followed by the ‘C’ class bogie wagon. Removable sides and ends gave flexibility but the parts often got mislaid or damaged in use, leading to the introduction of fixed ‘C’ class hinged sided variants. It is believed that no ‘A’ or ‘C’ class wagons remain in existence.

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There is a four wheeled "A" class wagon on the Apedale Railway in North Staffordshire.

Posted by Dominic Emery on Sat 18 May 10:12:42