Deco samples of Heljan Ruston 48DS arrive

20 May 2024
Heljan has received the factory-decorated samples of its new O gauge Ruston 48DS.

All samples are now being reviewed pending any final adjustments, but Heljan expects them to go into production shortly with first releases expected in the autumn. 

Featuring attractive BR and industrial liveries, the new models will feature LED headlamps, Next18 DCC interface, factory-fitted speaker and will be priced at £199 each. 

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Batch 1 features five liveries ranging from classic Ruston & Hornsby works green to BR light green DS1169, industrial yellow with chevrons, Express Dairy blue and Lawrie Rose's preserved 'Sir William McAlpine' in dark green (star of the Lawrie's Mechanical Marvels YouTube channel). 

Heljan expects the new model to be extremely popular at this price point, both with established O gauge modellers and as an affordable entry point into 7mm scale modelling for newcomers. 

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