DCC Concepts: Legacy Skyline lighting out now

16 December 2022
Designed for 4mm:1ft scale layouts, this range of LED lighting is true-to-scale, and height adjustable.

DCC Concepts has introduced its Legacy Skyline Lighting range to the 4mm:1ft scale market. The detailed lights are designed to be easily installed on any OO, EM or P4 layout. The range also boasts the first up-to-the minute, modern image, true-scale, height adjustable LED street lamp available in the UK. Tooling for the models sees an impression of the bolts that secure the lamp to the top of the pole, to optional platform speakers, even a detailed access door on the base.

dcc concepts led legacy light

The manufacturer commented, "the pool of light from the lamp is accurately achieved, so your layout even looks the part when modelling night-time running".

The modern station lamps use daylight white LEDs to recreate the cool colour of modern lighting. Height adjustment is achieved by sliding the base up or down to the required height, and allows them to be used for footpath, platform, street or main road use.

Resistor boards are included, and modellers can connect up to three of the lamps to one board. Boards can be powered by a regulated DC power supply of between 6 and 15V. The manufacturer recommends its DCP-PS12.

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DCC Concepts gas lamps

Gas lamps and swan-neck lamps also form a part of the range, and are also height-adjustable thanks to the base which can be removed entirely, or cut to the required height. An additional length of brass tube is included for each lamp post. The gas lamps and swan-neck lamps are available in maroon, black, green and brown and use 'warm white' LEDs to give a gentler light than the modern-image versions.

Legacy Skyline Lighting is available in a variety of packs – while some are to arrive in January, orders can be placed either direct with DCC Concepts, or with your local stockist.


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