Dapol working semaphore signals: First look

Howard Smith tests Dapol's new semaphore signals in the BRM office ahead of their review.

Dapol's servo-operated semaphore signals are arriving with retailers. Review samples of its (4L-001-005) OO gauge junction signal (GWR right hand with two arms, shorter post to right) and (7L-001-001) O gauge signal GWR home sqaure post have arrived in the office for review. This is the first time an RTR manufacturer has offered working servo-operated signals from the box on such a large scale.

Let's take a closer look at the signals in action: 

For the full range of signals, visit the Dapol website or see your local Dapol stockist.

Read the full review in the February 2020 issue of BRM, on-sale in stores from January 2, or download the digital edition from December 26.