Dapol reviews decorated samples of 78XX

23 June 2021
The manufacturer's design team analyse its forthcoming GWR 4-6-0 locomotives, providing feedback to the factory, with delivery of models expected later this year.

Dapol has revealed images of its newly-received decorated 78XX 4-6-0 'Manor' Class locomotives. Models are said to be under inspection, with a feedback report of changes or improvements shortly being sent to its factory, prior to production of the models, later this year.

The manufacturer is seeking constructive comments for its design team to consider during evaluation, though is keen to re-iterate that the decorated samples are subject to review, change and correction where necessary.

Dapol 'Manor' 78XX GWR

New tender tooling has been produced for tenders with smooth and riveted body sides and tenders with narrow or wide hornplates. This gives a total of four tender variations: riveted body with wide hornplates, riveted body with narrow hornplates, smooth body with wide hornplates and finally, smooth body with narrow hornplates. In each case, the moulded coal load can be removed for those that prefer to model their locomotives with a reduced amount of coal in the tender.

A cursory evaluation has highlighted the following improvement opportunities:

  • The reversing shaft should be black
  • Small amount of sinkage on the tender sides (possibly because tooling wasn't properly warmed up)
  • Refinement of the joint between the upper and lower boiler sections
  • Sinkage on tender frames to be corrected
  • Proportions of the original chimney to be adjusted
  • Boiler and smokebox handrail knobs are too long and to be adjusted.
  • The Collett tapered buffers for front buffer beam haven't been fitted (Churchward type as fitted to the tender were installed) to be corrected for production.

Dapol 'Manor' 78XX GWR

The cab interior is decorated with printed dials, pipework and handles being individually painted. Cab sides have been modelled to give a fine edge, while maintaining strength. The tender interior is also detailed, with its top modified slightly to allow modellers to stow fire irons more easily than was the case with its 2-6-0 'Mogul' models.

Dapol 'Manor' 78XX GWR

The exterior of models offers much detail too, with a prototypical front and rear overhang of the running plate above the cylinders, and the inclusion of the injectors below the cab. Sand boxes are visible behind the cab steps.

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Dapol 'Manor' 78XX GWR

The modeller can remove the smokebox door with the tool provided in the accessory pack to expose the slide-out PCB. This can be removed and allows simple DCC and DCC sound installation. When the ancillary equipment is installed, the PCB board is reinserted and the smokebox door reinstated.

Dapol 'Manor' 78XX GWR

A functioning decorated sample was sent to Dapol's sound engineer, to fine tune the sound profile to the acoustics of the model. A short video showcasing the running characteristics of the model is expected from Dapol, shortly. The manufacturer has said production is to be carried out over the summer, with models expected to arrive in shops later this year.

For further details on DCC-ready and DCC-fitted models, visit your Dapol stockist, or for DCC-ready and DCC-fitted versions of 7820 Dinmore Manor, visit the Dapol website.


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