Dapol reveals PDS JHA Hopper decorated samples

07 March 2024
The decorated samples have been reviewed by the design team and feedback has been provided to the factory to correct any issues.

Dapol is currently waiting for a production slot to be confirmed by the factory but expects to have these models in the shops in the autumn of 2024.

Priced at £55 for the middle hoppers and £60 for the end hoppers, the new models are available to pre-order now. 


  • Inner and outer versions of the hopper will be produced              
  • Inner wagons without buffers and buckeye couplings              
  • Outer wagons with Lamp, Sprung Buffers and Standard OO model coupling with NEM pocket at one end, other end without buffers and fitted with buckeye couplings. 
  • Diecast chassis 
  • Profiled wheels  
  • Sprung Buffers on the outermost wagon end 
  • Close coupling mechanism fitted to both types, capable of operating on minimum of 438mm radius 
  • Working rear lamp on outermost end of the train (DC directional, 6-pin DCC socket for control of flashing lamp) 
  • The models will include many separately added details 
  • Designed from works drawings   

Proposed liveries

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  • 4F-081-001P & D JHA (end hopper) ARC Olive & Grey 17912 
  • 4F-081-002P & D JHA (end hopper) ARC Olive & Grey 17918 
  • 4F-081-003P & D JHA (end hopper) Hanson Blue & Grey 17913 
  • 4F-081-004P & D JHA (end hopper) Hansen Blue & Grey 17922
  • 4F-081-101P & D JHA (middle hopper) ARC Olive & Grey 19823 
  • 4F-081-102P & D JHA (middle hopper) ARC Olive & Grey 19841 
  • 4F-081-103P & D JHA (middle hopper) ARC Olive & Grey 19853 
  • 4F-081-104P & D JHA (middle hopper) Hanson Blue & Grey 19802 
  • 4F-081-105P & D JHA (middle hopper) Hanson Blue & Grey 19811 
  • 4F-081-106P & D JHA (middle hopper) Hanson Blue & Grey 19833

About the prototype

Built by Powell and Duffryn, these high-capacity wagons were originally bought by ARC and wore the distinctive ARC livery but have since changed to wearing Hanson’s livery. They have on occasion also been seen sporting plain grey to hide graffiti. The fleet is noticeable for its use of distinctive inside bearing TF1 low track force bogies. There are a few variants of the hopper. The outer hoppers are numbered 17xxx and the inner hoppers are numbered 19xxx. Only the most distal end of the outer hoppers are fitted with buffers, all wagons are fitted with buckeye couplings. 

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