Dapol reveals first look at new Class 87 in N

23 February 2024
Dapol’s design team is currently reviewing the 1st shots and preparing comments to help the factory make any necessary improvements.

Expected to be in stores by Autumn 2024, one area that is being particularly scrutinized by the team at Dapol is the pantographs. 


  • Detailed body and roof with extra fitted detail items 
  • 5-pole Super Creep motor with slow running speed 
  • All-wheel drive and pickup 
  • Posable/non-functional) High-Speed and Cross-Arm pantographs (as appropriate) 
  • Accessory bag with optional fitted parts 

Proposed liveries

  • 2D-087-001 Class 87 Hal'o'the Wynd 87031 BR Blue 
  • 2D-087-002 Class 87 Iron Duke 87017 Intercity Swallow 
  • 2D-087-003 Class 87 Robert Burns 87035 Virgin Trains  
  • 2D-087-004 Class 87 87022 DRS   
  • 2D-087-005 Class 87 Stephenson 87101 BR Blue    
  • 2D-087-006 Class 87 Royal Sovereign 87002 Caledonian Sleeper     
  • 2D-087-007 Class 87 Twin Pack City of Glasgow 87006 Coeur de Lyon 87012     

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Priced at £155 DCC-Ready and £190 DCC Fitted (the twin pack will cost £300 DCC-Ready and £370 DCC Fitted), the new models are available to pre-order now. 

About the prototype

36 Class 87 locomotives were introduced from 1973 to work the newly electrified northern section of the West Coast Mainline to Glasgow. These locomotives were based on the successful Class 86 design, featuring a modernised design and capable of generating 5000HP. The final loco in the build was revised to test new thyristor controls and was numbered 87101.  

With new Mark 3 coaches, the 87s became known as the Electric Scots and significantly reduced journey times between Euston and Glasgow. The 87s provided front-line service with British Rail and latterly Virgin Trains until 2005, when replaced by Pendolino EMUs, with many locos transferring to other operators or being exported abroad.  

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