Coming this winter: 14T 'tanks' from Dapol

19 August 2022
Newly-tooled rolling stock for OO promised with working suspension too – a first for British 4mm:1ft scale rolling stock.

Dapol is to introduce OO gauge models of the 14T Class A and B tanks wagons as used by the Air Ministry. Five variants of each type are to be manufactured, each expected to arrive in Q3 2023 at an RRP of £35.00 but we expect to see EPs in November.

Models are to feature a sprung chassis – a first for OO gauge RTR models – finely-profiled wheels, NEM coupling sockets, plus separately-added fine details such as ladders and platforms, where appropriate.

Dapol Class A 14T tank wagon

Dapol Class A 14T tank wagon – note the differences in walkways and steps from the variant below.

Models proposed are as follows:

  • (4F-058-001) Class A Esso silver 298
  • (4F-058-002) Class A Shell BP silver A7498
  • (4F-058-003) Class A Regent (red letters) silver 101
  • (4F-058-004) Class A Shell Motor Spirit silver 7522
  • (4F-058-005) Class A Lobitos (blue/red shade) Stone 107
  • (4F-059-001) Class B BP black 5172
  • (4F-059-002) Class B Esso black 1869
  • (4F-059-003) Class B BP black 5133
  • (4F-059-004) Class B Shell Esso black 1914
  • (4F-059-005) Class B Berry Wiggins Black 101

Dapol Class A 14T tank wagon

Another variant of the Class A 14T tank wagon tooling.

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The majority of these tank wagons were built between 1939 and 1944 as Class A wagons for aviation fuel. Wagons were 17ft 6in long on a 10ft RCH wheelbase, fitted with brakes either side, and split oil axle boxes. The tanks measured 7ft 2in in diameter, containing 4275 gallons, mounted with two small platforms on the top of the tank.

Dapol Class B 14T tank wagon

As with the main image – a further Class B tank wagon with bottom discharge and heating coils.

Post-war, around 1947, surplus tank wagons were converted to Class B, fitted with heating coils to help discharge of viscous fuel. All Class A tanks were out of service by 1971, with the last Class B tank lasting until 1973.

Pre-ordering will be available from next week at your preferred Dapol stockist.


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